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Tommy62 2 posts Joined 02/11
17 Feb 2011
EBCDIC file from a Network connected server.....

Lets say you have a Mainframe EBCDIC file, however you have NO Channel connection. You have a remote located Teradata machine with a LINUX ETL

I say in order to load this file you must first convert it while on the Mainframe to
an ASCII/Text file, FTP the file to the LINUX ETL server and then load from there.

I don't think you can just drop this File on a server and load away !!!!

Is there anything I'm over looking here ? what about TPT ?

Any other idea's ???

Jimm 298 posts Joined 09/07
17 Feb 2011

Fastload, Multiload and TPump all allow you to specify the character set of the input file using the -c option.
TPT aso allows you to specify input chracterset.

If your input data is all character format, you can also use your FTP package on the mainframe to do the convert - you dont need a separate mainframe step.

Note if your output has mixed datatypes (eg characters, decimal and integer/ real/ smallint numbers in non-character form) FTP cannot convert - use the EBCDIC characterset.

So drop it down and load away!

Tommy62 2 posts Joined 02/11
18 Feb 2011

According to the MLOAD manual EBCDIC charset not supported unless you have a channel

Table 13: Character Sets Supported by MultiLoad
Character Set Name Description Configuration
ASCII Latin Network-attached
EBCDIC Latin Channel-attached
HANGULEBCDIC933_1II Korean Channel-attached
HANGULKSC5601_2R4 Korean Network-attached
SCHEBCDIC935_2IJ Simplified Chinese Channel-attached
SCHGB2312_1T0 Simplified Chinese Network-attached
TCHBIG5_1R0 Traditional Chinese Network-attached
TCHEBCDIC937_31B Traditional Chinese Channel-attached
KATAKANAEBCDIC Japanese Channel-attached
KANJIEBCDIC5026_01 Japanese Channel-attached
KANJIEBCDIC5035_01 Japanese Channel-attached
KANJIEUC_0U Japanese Network-attached
KANJISJIS_0S Japanese Network-attached
UTF8 Unicode Channel-attached
UTF16 Unicode Network-attached

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