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dlcook 4 posts Joined 08/16
22 Aug 2016
Easy Loader Error - 2 Teradata Systems

I'm following (somewhat) the example on tpt-easy-loader-to-move-data-within-the-database- environment , but I'm running into an error I've not seen before:
C:\Users\Dave\Desktop>tdload --SelectStmt "SELECT Subscriber_No ,Street ,City ,"State" ,Zip ,AreaCode ,Phone FROM TESTDB.TestTable;" --TargetTable "TESTDB"."TestTable" --TargetTdpId tdat15 --TargetUserName user --TargetUserPassword pass --TargetWorkingDatabase "TESTDB"  --SourceTdpId tdatAA15 --SourceUserName user --SourceUserPassword pass --SourceWorkingDatabase "TESTDB" TestTable_LoadJob
Teradata Load Utility Version 32-Bit
TDLOAD: TPT05545: Error: You have specified an unsupported tdload operator: LEGACY.
I don't find any references to this error anywhere - Is this usage of tdload no longer supported? I don't see where I can specify an operator.

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
22 Aug 2016

Please change the job variable "SelectStmt" to "SourceSelectStmt" and let me know if the job is successful.


dlcook 4 posts Joined 08/16
22 Aug 2016

That did it - thanks so much, SteveF!

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