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RATHOD 8 posts Joined 04/15
09 May 2015

Hi All,
I am confused with the usage of multiset table in real time.
what exactly i mean is 
where do we require the duplicate rows and what is the use of complete duplicate row in real time.
why we store complete duplicate records and uses of it???
In which environment the complete duplicate record is useful??
please make me clear with this concept with any real time scenario usage of complete duplicate records.
Thanks All.

dnoeth 4628 posts Joined 11/04
09 May 2015

Teradata implements MULTISET table because Standard SQL defines them and all other DBMSes do the same :-)
Of course nobody wants duplicate rows in a production database, but they might be useful in staging area. You load duplicate rows as-is and the cleanup/aggregate before the insert into the target table.


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