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JustMe 76 posts Joined 03/07
09 Apr 2015
DSA logs

I ran a restore using DSA, and received an error in the postscript.  Where can I find the DSA logs so that I can further investigate my error?  I'm guessing it's on the BAR media server, but I need the directory path.

seven11 26 posts Joined 12/09
12 Apr 2015

When you say postscript, I am guessing you are meaning a post_data_restore script?  If so this is a Teradata system activity, while DSA may kick off the process it is actually run on the Teradata Database nodes with the logging being kept on them as well.
Assuming this is an MPP system I think this would be located on the PDN under the directory "/var/opt/teradata/tdtemp/post_restore_*" (depends on your database release) and have a filename starting with post_data_restore*, I would think the exact directory & filename would be specified in the error message from the DSA GUI when you look at the phase log of the actual job run.
nb. depending on the problem you might have to look at other logs but this is probably the best place to start

varanasianup 14 posts Joined 09/14
26 Apr 2016

My job also got failed in the post script phase,
Error code :3523 which is rights/permissions issue, but have given all rights to ARC user.
Also in the mentioned path /var/opt/teradata/tdtemp/post ..... there is no "post folder"
DB version : 14.10.07.

seven11 26 posts Joined 12/09
02 May 2016

hmm think I gave an assumed path, looking at the 15.10 migration manual it mentions /var/opt/teradata/tdtemp/post_restore_<dbs version> but that looks like either a bit of a typo and/or redirected output
Another place to have a look would be a directory named /var/opt/teradata/PUTTools/post_restore_<dbs version> and look for a log file post_data_restore<date & time>.log probably on the PDN.

JustMe 76 posts Joined 03/07
03 May 2016

Thanks seven11,
I found the logs at /opt/teradata/PUTTools/td14.xx.xx.xx.xx/DSA_scripts

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