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kishu 26 posts Joined 03/08
15 Apr 2009
Difference between text format and unformat in mload

Hi,I want to know the difference in mload script for text and unformat type of format.And what is the sructure of data source in both case.Thanks.

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
21 Apr 2009

TEXT data format consists of 'n' bytes of data, followed by an end-of-record marker (usually 0x0a), also known as '' (newline character).UNFORMATTED data format consists of raw data, and MultiLoad will expect the data to be in the same layout as is specified in the LAYOUT statement.UNFORMATTED data format can consist of binary data.TEXT data format is comprised of just that -- text data (character).So, if your incoming data consists of: INTEGER CHAR(10)then with UNFORMATTED, MultiLoad will read 4 bytes for the INTEGER field, and then 10 bytes for the CHAR field.TEXT data format was created to read Unix-type stream-oriented text data.


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