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doryen 1 post Joined 09/05
25 Sep 2005
DemoTDAT logon/password

Hi,I have been working with SQLAssistant.I would like to work with BTEQ.In my host entry the following is typed: localhost DemoTDATI tried to logon through the following command.logon DemoTDAT/dbc (**This is of 8 characters)BTEQ has asked for password.I don't know what password has to be provided.It has been long time I installed the Demo CD.Is there a way to find out the password?I also need help creating and populating a 2-column table.Thanks and regards,Doryen

hh 21 posts Joined 06/04
24 Jan 2006

in the host file, change the DemoTDAT to DemoTDATcop1. The default password for dbc is dbc...

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