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dilipnair 3 posts Joined 07/05
12 Mar 2013
Define new DB2 ODBC data source on TD SQL Assistant 13.11

I am trying (but unable) to create a new DB2 data source via the 'Define ODBC Data Source' option under Tools in Teradata SQL Assistant 13.11
Under the 'User DSN' tab (or 'System DSN' tab), I click on "Add", and select the 'IBM DB2 ODBC Driver' and click "Finish".
The 'ODBC IBM DB2 Driver - Add' window opens. The description says - "Select the DB2 Database alias you want to register for ODBC, or select Add to create a new alias. You may change the data source name and description, or accept the default"
My problem is - The 'Database alias' field is a dropdown and does not show any names (its blank). Nor do I see any Add button to add a new one. Even if I put my server/host name in the 'Data source name' field, the 'OK' button remains disabled.
I know the server/host name, port, ID and password to connect to the DB2 database, but not able to put those in to the SQL assistant via a data source connection.
Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
12 Mar 2013

The IBM DB2 driver is dependent on IBM's native CLI driver. Before you can create an ODBC DSN, the corresponding CLI configuration must be "cataloged".
Easiest solution is to use the IBM client Configuration Assistant tool (usually found at ...\SQLLIB\BIN\db2ca.bat) to configure both CLI and ODBC.

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