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abdul_rehman 2 posts Joined 07/07
05 Jul 2007
Declaring variables in TERADATA BTEQs

Hi all,I want to know if there is any provision in TERADATA BTEQ scripts to use variables, just as we use the variables in SQL SERVER stored procedures.If not then tell me an alternative....thanx

- Abdul Rehman
DGiabbai 47 posts Joined 07/04
05 Jul 2007

You can define variables inside a Teradata's Stored Procedure, just like SQL Server's Stored Procedures. BTEQ is not a Stored Procedure, is a tool to submit SQL statements (e.g.: "call MyStoredProcedure();")...

joedsilva 505 posts Joined 07/05
06 Jul 2007

Normally in unix client platforms, a combination of shell variables and HERE documents are used to accomplish this.I am not sure if other platforms have something similar.

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