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21 Jan 2010
Datastage 8.0 on Z-linux

Hello Friends,we are planning to purchase Datastage 8.0 and install on Z-linux.I have a few questions, and I appreciate if some one can provide some info:1) Can we connect to Teradata V2R5 using Datastage 8.0 on Z-linux?2) if we have to upgrade our Teradata version, what is the version that works with Datastage 8.0 on Z-linux?Thanks

pinzana 1 post Joined 03/10
23 Mar 2010

Hello, as DataStage utilized TTU/TPT for connecting to Teradata database server, on zLinux this is not yet supported (as TTU/TPT is not yet provided/supported on zLinux). But Teradata v13.10 will introduce TTU/TPT ported to zLinux, and subsequently DataStage on zLinux can then be extended/enahnced to support Teradata connectivity.

Pete Inzana
IBM InfoSphere

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