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cvkr4u 2 posts Joined 07/09
17 Sep 2009
Data Validation in Teradata

Hi,Please help.How we can validate the Text file Data in teradata?ex:I have 100 records in source in loaded usng fast load .i got only 90 records in target.tell me the falt file validation in teradataCan you please help on this

Rajeev T 7 posts Joined 09/09
20 Sep 2009

Hi,fast load creates the two error table and one log table. just checkout the error tables and the status of the report. if the status of the report is other then zero means some of the records are inserted into error table. fast load by default creates the error tables as tablename.e1 nd tablename.e2.tablename.e1--->holds the translation error or constraint violationtablename.e2---->holds the duplicate key violation errorThanksRajeev T

samp6050 19 posts Joined 06/08
28 Sep 2009

As said above fastload has two error tables ET1 and ET2 . You had 100 records to load and 90 records were loaded successfully. if your fastload job did not abend in this case it means your input file had 10 dups in it which are ignored by fastload while loading. if those 10 records had any translation/constraints error it would have been listed in ET1 and your job would have abended.


anupray 1 post Joined 09/11
29 Sep 2011


Please Help,

I have a mainframe flat file with some 10,000 fields in it. Those fields are to be loaded into the Teradata tables. I want to validate whether all the fields from the mainframe flat file are loaded successfully into the teradata table or not.

For that I want a tool which can do the validation and can indicate the fields which are not loaded correctly into the teradata tabe.

One concept I can think of is if I can generate a hash key for the fields in the flat file and the hash key for the corresponding fields in the teradata table, then I can compare the hash keys and can see for the correctness of the loading.

Could you please suggest me something which I can apply for the above mentioned validation (i.e., from mainframe flat file to the teradata table)?

Anup Ray

rajavarman.jr 1 post Joined 02/13
29 Jul 2013

I have a flat file with millions of data and i need to validate against the table in Teradata.
Is it advisable to go for a Volatile table and import the file to database and have a minus query against the temp table and base table?

SuSeSi 61 posts Joined 10/08
06 Aug 2013

There is an option in Fastload/MultiLoad/TPump to display the record in console output which are having error records.
The option is "DISPLAY_ERRORS" in TTU14.00 onwards. This will print the error into console output.


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