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15 Aug 2012
Data Overlapping in table while using TPT connection



I am using Informatica 8.6 and TPT connection to write data into the target table. The stage table loads fine without any issue. Using the same kind of TPT connection, I read from stage and write it into Target table.

But the data starts to overlap into another column. 


For eg,


A column Status can contain Active or Inactive values. But the column values looks like,



Active                           -- correct

Activev                         -- incorrect

Active:                         -- incorrect 

Activeve                       -- incorrect looks like the word Inactive is overwritten by Active

Activea/2077 23:59:59.000000    -- incorrect. suffixed the next date column (no clue on how the a came !)


the column order is


id , status, date time created_by 


Not only this column most of the columns are corrupted like that, for another column id


9-AVCD-204hangp    the character hangp is my partial user id getting suffixed to this column. (jumped 1 column to get the value)


This clearly shows that the data of the next column is being appended to this column. 


Also noted that the next column data looks good. There is no overlapping. Then randomly it starts(no sequence / pattern).



Can anyone tell why this is happening ? and how to resovle this problem ?


Please reply if I have to rephrase my question.


Thanks in advance.


Prabhakar Thangapandi.


09 Nov 2012

Just updating my post. I fixed the issue by using ltrim and rtrim on all the string columns.
I am still unclear that this issue was casued by Informatica or by using TPT connection.
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