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srivigneshkn 21 posts Joined 02/16
25 Jul 2016
Ctrl-A delimiter with TPT Export.

I want to use CTRL-A as delimiter for TPT exports, I would like to know how to specify this in the TPT script.
Thanks & Regards,
Srivignesh KN

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
25 Jul 2016

There is an attribute for the DataConnector operator (I think still undocumented) called TextDelimiterHex.
Set that to '0A' and the DC operator should write out that character as the field delimiter.


srivigneshkn 21 posts Joined 02/16
26 Jul 2016

Thank you Steve, 
Alternatively, i tried specifying CTRL-A in the Textdelimiter attribute by giving CTRL-V CTRL-A through vi editor and this is able to export data with CTRL-A delimiter.
VARCHAR TextDelimiter = ^A 
Srivignesh KN

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