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andgreen 3 posts Joined 04/07
20 Apr 2007
Creating a table part 2

Thanks to al1_24 & Fred Pluebell for helping me out with my previous query, but I now have another problem:I am using the SQL below to try to create a table:Create Table xw55.temp_prods As (Select *From dxwi_prod_roi_view_Access.VWI0BPR_BASE_PRODUCTWhere product_sub_group_code = 'W31AA' ) with data;... but now I am getting:"2644: No more room in database XW55"However this database (which is the same as my userid) has only got 2 small macros in it. Is it possible to increase the size of the database?I tried to get round the problem by adding a new database by using the 'Add Database' option in the database panel, the database appeared in the list (called new_db) but any reference to it in the query Create Table new_db.temp_prods As (Select *From dxwi_prod_roi_view_Access.VWI0BPR_BASE_PRODUCTWhere product_sub_group_code = 'W31AA' ) with data;produces the error message:"3802: Database new_db does not exist"Can anyone offer any wise enlightenment?Is there a document that can be downloaded that offers help in this area?Thanks.

joedsilva 505 posts Joined 07/05
20 Apr 2007

To give brief descriptions of things.If you did an "add database" in SQL Assistant , it just adds to the list of databases it will display on the left side of the panel. It doesn't create a new database in the server.And if you don't have space in your database, you can't create any database under it with more space. space get's cut down when you create databases under a particular database.You may have only two macros under your DB, but macros don't take any space in your Database. for all you know your userid does not have any space associated with it (ie PERM = 0) which is quite common in TD warehouses. All the space is stored under databases and not generally under user ids. Your DBA might have alloted some database where users can go ahead and create tables. So better check with your would find a ton of documents at

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