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23 Jan 2013
Copying Statistics with ARC from Teradata < v14 to Teradata v14

We are switching to a Dual Load to remove our DCM application from the box our EDW runs on.  I was tasked with moving all DCM specific databases off of the EDW (v13.10) box and onto a shiny new 6700 (V14) that would be used for DCM.  I had no trouble whipping up some datamover scripts to move the entire databases over to the new box.  However,  I had missed in the documentation that when using data mover to move from a lesser version of Teradata tro v14, statistics would not be copied unless specified by setting copystats=true at the table level.
Since this has occured (I did the above in QA thankfully) we have realized that we have entirely too much data to move from one system to the other across our WAN (150 GB/Hr.......), and are toying with the idea of simply using ARC to archive the data to discs, compress on the disc, and then ship to the other site.  My question is... Is there some similar issue if I decide to just copy / restore the entire database using ARC?  I couldn't find anything on the forums (I can't even find the search bar, but that's another story) or using goog, so appologies if this is a repost.

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