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AOHorvli 2 posts Joined 03/15
25 Nov 2015
Copy data from TD15.00 to TD15.10 (TD Express for VMWare)

I just tried to move data between TD and TD (both TD Express for VMWare). I'm using Arcmain from TTU 15 (arcmain The archive runs perfect, but when copying I get: 11/25/2015 22:35:25  *** Failure ARC0010:The DBS Software Version is incompatible.
How can I resolve this? Do I need to use arcmain and libs from TTU15.10 for both the archive and restore/copy or is there something else.
And, is TTU 15.10 available for download somewhere? I cannot find it here.
Kind regards,


AOHorvli 2 posts Joined 03/15
07 Dec 2015

Solved! By using arcmain from TTU15.10, no problems were encountered.


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