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09 Aug 2016
Complete TTU removal

When I run TTUListProducts.exe, it shows that I still have the following apps even though I already uninstall it.

Version                 Display Name

------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------ --------           Teradata Index Wizard 15.10.1           Teradata Query Scheduler Server 15.10.1           Teradata Workload Analyzer 15.10.1           Teradata GeoSpatial Tool nt-x8664           Teradata Named Pipes Access Module nt-x8664           ODBC Driver for Teradata           ODBC Driver for Teradata nt-x8664           Teradata BTEQ           Teradata Wallet           Teradata Wallet nt-x8664           .NET Data Provider for Teradata           Teradata Studio nt-x8664 15.11


I used silent_uninstall.bat ALL but to no avail.

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