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varun2102 37 posts Joined 12/06
08 Dec 2006
CLI error in mainframe Mload job

I am getting a RC12 while trying to Mload an empty TD table using a JCL in mainframe. I have given the logon details as follows:LOGON TDP1/ ,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxbut the SYSPRINT throws a 0003 .LOGON LOGON TDP1/,**** 07:35:30 UTY1006 CLI error: 36, CLI0036 INVALID TDPID IN LOGON TEXT STRING xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThe JESMSGLG says07.35.29 JOB23185 +LSCX500 **** WARNING **** ERRNO = ENFOUND 07.35.29 JOB23185 + Generated in L$CJDDN(L$CJDDN), offset 0002B4 07.35.29 JOB23185 + File not opened, ddname SYSTERM not defined. 07.35.29 JOB23185 +Interrupted while: Opening file "//ddn:*" (stderr) 07.35.29 JOB23185 +LSCX048 Most recent C runtime library modules not available.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPlease let me know what the possible error can be. Am new to TD, so am still leaning! ;-)Thanks and RegardsVarun R

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
08 Dec 2006

It appears you said ".LOGON LOGON TDP1/,"?Use either .LOGON or LOGON but not both ;-) Logging on from a mainframe without a username and password requires that your TDP have appropriate user exit(s) installed.Also note that mainframe utilities use SYSTERM DD in a fashion similar to "stderr" on other platforms. (That's what the JES log is warning about.) Adding that DD will sometimes give you additional helpful diagnostic info.

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