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JemmyRW 1 post Joined 09/15
25 Sep 2015
CLI Error 527: CLI2: ICULOADLIBERR(527): Error loadi ng ICU libraries

When I tried to loading data to Teradata Database, the error is appear :
e:\tdbasic\script>tlogview -l "E:\TTU\Teradata\client\15.00\Teradata Parallel Tr
TPT_INFRA: TPT04101: Warning: Teradata PT cannot connect to Unity EcoSysetm Mana
The job will continue without event messages being sent to Unity EcoSystem Manag
TPT_INFRA: TPT04197: Warning: OMD API failed to initialize
Teradata Parallel Transporter Coordinator Version
Teradata Parallel Transporter Executor Version
Teradata Parallel Transporter SQL DDL Operator Version
TPT_DDL_OPERATOR: private log specified: DDL_OPERATOR_LOG
TPT_DDL_OPERATOR: TPT10322: Error 527 while trying to initialize CLI
TPT_INFRA: TPT02255: Message Buffers Sent/Received = 0, Total Rows Received = 0,
 Total Rows Sent = 0
TPT_DDL_OPERATOR: TPT10507: CLI Error 527: CLI2: ICULOADLIBERR(527): Error loadi
ng ICU libraries.

TPT_DDL_OPERATOR: Total processor time used = '0 Second(s)'
TPT_DDL_OPERATOR: Start : Fri Sep 25 13:26:26 2015
TPT_DDL_OPERATOR: End   : Fri Sep 25 13:26:26 2015
Job step SETUP_TABLES terminated (status 12)
Job Administrator terminated (status 12)
Job start: Fri Sep 25 13:26:23 2015
Job end:   Fri Sep 25 13:26:26 2015
Total available memory:          20000000
Largest allocable area:          20000000
Memory use high water mark:         37760
Free map size:                       1024
Free map use high water mark:          14
Free list use high water mark:          0
I installed the TTU on E partition harddrive folder's. Is could be possible the issues come out due I was installed the TTU on E not on C program file folder?

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
25 Sep 2015

This seems to be an install issue.
Try re-installing ICU (if you are given an option to just install that component; I am not familiar with the entire install process).


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