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05 Feb 2015
Change Password Option in Teradata SQL Assitant

Hello Everyone,
I tried to change my password through SQL Assistant 12.0 Change Password option.  But the 'Ok' button is not enabled.
I came to know that the 'Ok' button will be enabled only if Current Password is correct and the new passord in Two New Password Fields match exactly. Untill then the button will not be highlighted and even an error message was not thrown by the tool.
But when I logged in to a remote server using ODBC-ldap, using the same SQL Assistant tool, it is showing single/same error message atleast even if the Current Password is not correct, or it does not meet the New Password Requirements.
Can anyone let me know why
a) Error message is displayed when tried to change password by connecting to remote server using ODBC-LDAP and
b) Error message is Not displayed when tried to change password by connecting to local server using ODBC without any authentication mechanism.
c) Is there any option need to be set on servers for this message display
Thanks in advance!
Syamala Meduri

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