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krishna1985 13 posts Joined 08/16
08 Aug 2016
Casting Date in Bteq utilities

Hi Team,
I am new to Teradata  and I have a requirement to load the data FROM EXCEL using BTEQ UTILITIY. However as far as I know we cannot load data from excel but can load in CSV format.
requirement is as below
I have to load the set of records and below is the source data ie CSV
ID                DATE
234567        01AUG2016 5:57:51
Target table in TD which we have is
create set table xx
date timestamp(6)
I tried writing the BTEQ Script ie
Date --------how to convert 01AUG2016 5:57:51 TO timestamp (6) in Teradata ??????
insert into xx
values (

Regards, Hari Krishna
krishna1985 13 posts Joined 08/16
09 Aug 2016

Hi Team,
can anyone let me know syntax to convert date as above in fastload instead of bteq plzz

Hari Krishna

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
15 Aug 2016

FastLoad supports only limited data type conversions, either implicit or using Teradata-style syntax. And at a minimum you would need to change the input to always have 2 digits for the hour. If you are saving from Excel as CSV, apply a custom format to the column to make it compatible with Teradata / ANSI standard: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss
Also if the input is delimited text, all the fields in your FastLoad DEFINE must be VARCHAR.

krishna1985 13 posts Joined 08/16
15 Aug 2016

Hi Fred,
thank you very much for your inputs howver I have tried to create the staging table with the below query and used oTranslate funcion to pad 0 if its single digit 

substring( DIARY_DATE  from 6 for 4)|| '-'||  SUBSTRING(DIARY_DATE  from 3 for 3)||'-'|| SUBSTRING(DIARY_DATE  from 1 for 2)||' ' || oTRANSLATE(SUBSTRING('0' from 1 for 18-length(DIARY_DATE) )||

SUBSTRING(DIARY_DATE from 10 for 10),   ' ','')

Hari Krishna

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
16 Aug 2016

Not sure I understand your question at this point. Are you saying that you loaded to a staging table as character, and now you want a SQL expression that will CAST the character string to a Timestamp, such as:
THEN SUBSTRING(DIARY_DATE from 1 for 10)||'0'||SUBSTRING(DIARY_DATE from 11 for 7)
AS TIMESTAMP FORMAT'ddmmmyyyy hh:mm:ss')

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