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meet_as 15 posts Joined 01/06
27 Jan 2006
can we force mload to check the Application error table

Hi,I have requirement - signal a pager if there is any "Aplication Error Table"(mload "Aplication Error Table" say E2 table) created by mload script. Can we force mload to check the E2 table that is created by it in case of any error occured during application phase,... please advice... I express my thanks in anticipation of your prompt reply.Regards,meet_as

01 Feb 2006

Hi,If you are trying to perform a check on the Application Error table, then it is not possible to fire a BTEQ script from within a Multi Load script. Alternatively, you can schedule the BTEQ immediately after the Multi Load and check the application error table for error qualifiers and loop in the script for appropriate action items. You can use the UNIX environment to fire action items on request from within BTEQ.

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
02 Feb 2006

Certainly. Use .IF statements testing built-in variables such as &SYSETCNT1 to check for rows in the error table, and use .SYSTEM to execute some external command to send the page. See the manual for details.

meet_as 15 posts Joined 01/06
02 Feb 2006

yes, I have already completed this. I did it like this--.IF &SYSUVCNT1 > 0 THEN; .SYSTEM 'c:\ any_argument';.ENDIF;Its better if we place the above statement after the .END MLOAD Command.also, take care this 'c:\ any_argument' is string. You can pass any argument.Regards,Ajit

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