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snelluri 8 posts Joined 01/10
05 Jun 2014
Can we Delete Data in source (Oracle ) table after loading data into Target (Teradata) table in TPT?

Hello Gurus,
We recently started using the TPT so not familiar with how purging the source data works out throuth TPT. I have been going through the Teradata Parallel Transporter user guide and i see that there are some Standard Operators which can delete data from Teradata only. My source table is a Oracle table and i would like to delete the data after i load it to Teradata. 
Can you guys help me in this regard? 
Siva Nelluri

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
05 Jun 2014

TPT is a suite of load tools for Teradata.
We are able to pull data out of Oracle, but TPT does not perform any other actions against non-Teradata databases.


snelluri 8 posts Joined 01/10
06 Jun 2014

hmm .. Thanks for replyin to my post. 

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