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meet_as 15 posts Joined 01/06
27 Jan 2006
Can we call bteq script in mload script.

Hi,Can we call bteq script in mload script.Please advice. Thanks

01 Feb 2006

Hi,It is not possible to call a BTEQ script from within an MLoad script. What specifically are you trying to do here? If i understand you correctly, you are trying to use conditional flow control. If that is what you are trying, then it is not possible from within MLoad scripting. On the other hand, if you want features like flow control, then use BTEQ itself as the loading tool and you can branch to other section of scripts correspondingly based on your requirements.

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
02 Feb 2006

At least in a network attached environment you can use .SYSTEM to invoke any command line including BTEQ or something that calls BTEQ. On the mainframe you'd probably have to write your own "shell" program that could be called by .SYSTEM and would then call BTEQ. But why bother when you can check for errors directly within MLOAD's support environment?

BBR2 96 posts Joined 12/04
02 Feb 2006

you can use .OS command MLOAD utility within a BTEQ.You will have to ensure that MLOAD executable path is set.Here's a sample.LOGON TDPID/UID,*****;.export report file = rep.txt;select * from DBC.COLUMNS SAMPLE 10;.os mload < mload.txt;.export reset;.logoff;.quit;Hope this helps.Vinay

meet_as 15 posts Joined 01/06
02 Feb 2006

Yes, I did it with the same way.. Thanks for your response..Regards

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