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GNS 5 posts Joined 09/15
30 Aug 2016
Can TTU 14.10 on Linux connect on a15.10 RDBMS

I am working with an Informatica application where the most recent TTU supported is 14.10.
The Teradata RDBMS will be upgraded to 15.10. Could you let me know if the  TTU and all its components (TPT, ODBC BTEQ etc.) will be able to function properly with this version (15.10)?

Johannes Vink 28 posts Joined 08/14
30 Aug 2016

Informatica 9.6.1 probably? Some story here. TTU 14.10 is 2 versions upward compatible (excluding new features in newer versions ofcourse). So 15.00 and 15.10 are supported, but 16.00 (not out yet) is not supported.

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