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raghavan.tce 3 posts Joined 04/15
13 Jun 2016
Can TPT be used to load file with 10M records of 3500 attributes ???

Hi, I have a pipe delimited file with 3500 attributes each of length varying between 2-5 and max length of the file records is 6500. No. of records is about 10Million and file will be landed to unix server. Below are my queries :
a.  Is TPT best tool for loading such a huge file ?
b. Should I consider to split the table into 3-4, as the no. of attributes is too high. Or is it fine to have all 3500 attributes into 1 table, as the max length is only 6500 ?

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
14 Jun 2016

Please explain what you mean by "attributes"?
Will each field in the delimited file be loaded into a column of a table in a Teradata Database?
An example of a record from the file would be helpful as well.


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