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Alfredo 5 posts Joined 07/05
23 Apr 2008
Can I install TTU onto Windows Vista?

Someone tell me that I can't install SQL Assistant, Teradata Administrator and PMon onto Windows Vista, is it true?My new computer has vista and I don't want to install XP. Are there an option to install the tools without uninstall Vista?

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
23 Apr 2008

TTU12.0 supports installing on Windows Vista for most components. See the "TTU Installation Guide for Windows" for details.

craig.bruner 1 post Joined 11/05
01 May 2008

If you look at the downloads, there are patches that have been applied to most of the TTU packs for 8.2 that allow you to install onto Vista. You just have to read the release notes.

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