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kit 1 post Joined 09/10
29 Sep 2010
Bug in Teradata Caused by Canceling Queries

I am new to Teradata and new to SQL Assistant.
I ran into a problem with a query taking over 10 min and I knew something was wrong.

The DBA said it was related to a known intermittent problem in Teradata where
the system was just having a problem.

"It sometimes loses track of the number of active queries for a user and accidentally delays one. If you ever cancel any queries after they have started running, try to avoid that. That can cause this to happen. " He seemed to think I should wait
30 min before contacting DBA.

My question is whether others have experienced this and if there is something that
can be done in SQL Assistant by the user. I really can't afford to wait.

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
01 Oct 2010

I've checked with architects and developers on this and we're not sure what the DBA is talking about regarding an "intermittent problem in Teradata". I'd recommend having yourself and the DBA submit an incident for analysis. Or have the DBA provide more details regarding his or her understanding of the situation as there is not enough detail here for us to respond.

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