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Santiago Luz 1 post Joined 07/06
13 Jul 2006
BTEQ RUN FILE Warning message

I'm trying to use "RUN FILE" command in a BTEQ to call a LOGON script, but I always get a Warning message (*** Warning: EOF on INPUT stream.).The BTEQ code is simple (teste_conexao_bteq.bteq):.RUN FILE ''; content:.LOGON tdmach/USERNAME,PASSWORD;See below the BTEQ execution:bteq < teste_conexao_bteq.bteqBTEQ Thu Jul 13 11:26:59 2006+---------+---------+---------+---------+--------- +---------+---------+----.RUN FILE '';+---------+---------+---------+------- --+---------+---------+---------+----.LOGON tdmach/USERNAME, *** Logon successfully completed. *** Transaction Semantics are BTET. *** Character Set Name is 'ASCII'. *** Total elapsed time was 10 seconds.+---------+---------+---------+---------+----- ----+---------+---------+---- *** Warning: EOF on INPUT stream.+---------+---------+---------+---------+------ ---+---------+---------+----.LOGOFF *** You are now logged off from the DBC.+---------+---------+---------+---------+--------- +---------+---------+----.QUIT *** Exiting BTEQ... *** RC (return code) = 0I'm running it in a Sun Solaris and I already tried to save file in UNIX and in DOS format.Anyone knows what's going on?

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
14 Jul 2006

Perhaps the wording could be better, but it's just an informational message that tells you BTEQ has exhausted the .RUN file and is going to resume reading commands from stdin. You can ignore the "Warning".

padmamen 2 posts Joined 10/08
23 Oct 2008

can any one help me to know how we can avoid this message

joedsilva 505 posts Joined 07/05
23 Oct 2008

if you are so particular about it, then this is the way ...(cat loginFilecat MySQLsFileecho ".QUIT;") | bteq

shiyamala 15 posts Joined 12/06
07 Nov 2008

BTEQ returns this warning message if your RUN file does not end with either an EXIT or QUIT.So, just include either one if you do not want to see the warning.Thanks,Shiyamala

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