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11 Mar 2012
BTEQ or Fast Load or Multi Load

Hi everyone! I am currently studying Teradata and currently working on this problem of mine. You see, i have this set of data on a flat file that needs to be loaded in a table based on a condition.

This is what my flat file looks like:

SOR|03/17/2012|2 -- This is a header

90|Market|10, Hawaii, South City|29|CN -- This are data

24|House|35, Canada, North City|09|NY


I need to load those on a table that has this format:

##Table 1


I'm required to use BTEQ to load only the 1st record into that table. If the date on the source file HEADER already exists on Table1 and it has a "Success" status, it will quit with an error that will be directed to an error log. However if the date is new, then the source DATA will be loaded to a new table (Table2) with the same number of columns and then it will update Table1 to set it's status as "Success". Furthermore, if the loading fails, the status should then be updated as "Fail".

Now my question is as follows:

1.) Although it says there that i sue BTEQ, can iactually use other tools such as Fast Load and MLoad?
2.) I was advised to use a staging table, however i have no background about it ~ can someone elaborate this?
3.) Are the syntax in BTEQ same for the other tools? How will i be able to compare those tables if i use other tools?
4.) How does one triggers a DML if the loading fails?

That's all for the mean time, sorry for too many questions. I'm still studying Teradata and i still need to learn more. I hope you can help, thanks!!

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