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02 Nov 2013
BTEQ login error

Hi All,
the following is the issue that i am facing



 Teradata BTEQ for WIN32.

 Copyright 1984-2013, Teradata Corporation. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

 Enter your logon or BTEQ command:




UserId: dbc


 *** CLI error: MTDP: EM_NOHOST(224): name not in HOSTS file or names database.

 *** Return code from CLI is: 224

 *** Error: Logon failed!


 *** Total elapsed time was 38 seconds.


 Teradata BTEQ for WIN32. Enter your logon or BTEQ command:





can any one let me know how to fix that error

thank you

M.Saeed Khurram 544 posts Joined 09/12
03 Nov 2013

You need to make an entry of the server IP address in the windows host file.


Raja_KT 1246 posts Joined 07/09
03 Nov 2013

Did you make change to this host file: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
and have these entries: localhost cop1 localhost dbccop1


I suggest you take a backup of the file before you make changes. 




Raja K Thaw
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