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Nytewynd 13 posts Joined 12/05
28 Apr 2006

I am an Oracle developer that recently starting using Teradata. I would like to use BTEQ but the only tool I have installed is Queryman (an old version at that).What product do I need to install to get BTEQ? Is that part of a general Teradata client install? The people that do the teradata installs for us won't know anything unless I ask for it specifically by name. Can someone point me at the most recent release of the correct product?Thanks.

DGiabbai 47 posts Joined 07/04
29 Apr 2006

BTEQ is part of the Teradata Tools and Utilities. Depending on the version of the RDBMS, ask for TTU 7.x (for TD V2R5.x) or TTU 8.x (for TDv2R6.x)

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