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super25 19 posts Joined 07/11
24 Apr 2012
Best Practice - Client Tools

What is the best practice to use SQL Assitance and Teradata Manager from end user point. Currently we install all client tools on a windows VMware machine and all the users access the tools by RDP'ing to that server. Most of our users use SQL Assistance but the system hangs sometime when there are too many users RDP'ed. Typically there are 20 users active all the time which is causing performance issue.

Is there any recommendations from Teradata ? We prefer using a server to host all tools rather than installing them on client machines as that would give us more network bandwidth and also flexibility to users to keep the queries running without worrying about closing thier personal machines.

gryback 271 posts Joined 12/08
24 Apr 2012

SQL Assistant was really meant to be a client install model whether that is the .Net version or the one we now offer as Studio Express. Not sure how the hosting method saves on bandwidth honestly and your perfornance issue would go away with a distributed client install architecture. Also you would be following a much more common strategy than what you are currently running with. 

Regarding Teradata Manager including PMON, the 13.0 versions of these are the last versions from Teradata. Viewpoint and associated portlets replace these products. As Viewpoint only requires a client web browser, there is no client software distribution or installation issues so transition to Viewpoint solves those concerns for you. 

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