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EUsha 25 posts Joined 03/14
30 Aug 2016
Automatic table creation based on the header in raw file during data loading data into Teradata using any load utility

I have a set of CSV , XML, XLS data files available in a document library and the header (columns) will be different in each data file. I am trying to automatically load these data files into Teradata using TPT (or any other load utility) and as i am not aware of the header in the data files upfront, I want to understand if it is possible in TPT to automatically create the table in TD based on the header in the data files and then load the data. Any suggestions in this regard will be helpful.

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
30 Aug 2016

TPT does not automatically create tables.
The commands to create a table must be supplied by the user through the DDL operator.


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