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Abed 2 posts Joined 07/08
13 Oct 2008
Arcmain Help

Dear All,I am trying to Restore Archives received from a Client Database to my Local Database. However whenever I try to restore the Archive I created I receive the following Error:[size=3] *** Failure 2832:Unique secondary index violation on table DBC.TVFields during restore.[/size]I have on my local machine TD Version -- I am using Arcmain Release 8.01 on Both EnvironmentsBoth Environments have the Same ODBC,Any Help would be greatly appreciated.

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
18 Oct 2008

Unless you are migrating database DBC and dictionary contents as well as user data, RESTORE is only valid when directed to the same database on the same system. Use COPY instead.

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