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Harpreet Singh 101 posts Joined 10/11
02 Feb 2015
Arcmain Estimates

Can we estimate time used for arcmain data copy/restore using linear scale from sample data? i.e. 5 gb is copied in 5 minutes then 1 tb in 1000 minutes.

Glass 225 posts Joined 04/10
02 Feb 2015

If your network speed is consistent and the same as for the 5 G copy, then yes.
If you are not already, then you may want to use multstream job for Higher volume of data so this will be faster.

seven11 26 posts Joined 12/09
19 Feb 2015

as always the usual answer "it depends", some other factors in play
Data/objects make up, multi-stream backups work best with large objects if there are a proportinally more tiny objects in a backup set there will be an adverse affect since there is a constant build-up tear-down process for each object this is where using a single-stream backup for things like views & macro databases may perform better but from a backup set intergrity point of view most people would be grouping their data based on mainly on application/business requirements.
Ultimatley the biggest variant would be if you are running the backup/restore against a quiesent system or not, as backup and restore are I/O intensive operations if they have to contend with other processes for a finite resource.

Harpreet Singh 101 posts Joined 10/11
15 Apr 2015

Thanks. My env will be available primarily for arcmain. Also objects is just whole of databases. So  parallel arcmain jobs will give more throughput?

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