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BRIANH 9 posts Joined 06/16
10 Aug 2016

I have attempted several times to run some ARCMAIN tests under Windows 10 via a batch job and have failed. The .BAT file is this :    ARCMAIN CHECKPOINT=50 OUTLOG=ARCALL.OUT <ARCTABLE.TXT.
I initially omitted the logon stmt. in my first run. I received error *** failure ARC0202:ARCHIVE was not expected ***
 I then added it as shown below.
The ARCTABLE.TXT now is this:  
logon teradata/sysdba,xxxxxx;                         <---------------------------- omitted on first run
archive data tables (hockey_pool.arctest_game_results),
release lock,
From the first run on I am getting the same error no matter what I change e.g. checkpoint= , the name of the outlog file or the table to be archived etc. ARCMAIN obviously seems to be in some sort of restart mode since its using the original parms etc. Any ideas what I can do to essentially start the job from the beginning which will enable it use new parms etc.  

BRIANH 9 posts Joined 06/16
10 Aug 2016

OK.. finally resorted to a recycle of Teradata and Windows... reran my Arcmain scripts as is and voila.... success.... go figure that....I'll certainly keep close watch on my arc jobs and see if this issue resurfaces.... B

seven11 26 posts Joined 12/09
16 Aug 2016

Note: the CHECKPOINT parameter is a depricated feature and now only really applicable for mainframe based arcmain

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