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cmedved 24 posts Joined 02/14
18 Apr 2016
ARC MultiStream & ARC Server Questions

Hi! I have some questions about the arcmain utility that I'm hoping someone could answer... I couldn't find documentation to specifically answer...
1. In order to use the "multistream" option, is an arc server required? (I assume yes)
2. As far as ARC servers go, I believe both TARA and the Data Mover Agent act as arc servers.... correct?
3. Is there any kind of standalone arc server? In other words, a way I could use multistream archives without heavy coupling of BAR/DM?
4. Does a multistream archive have any performance enhancements over, say, multiple cluster level backups, where each arcmain instance is pointing to the node that contains the AMPs? Or, is it mostly for convenience/easier and accurate configuration and management?
Essentially, I'd like to have a "named pipe" style multi-stream arc without using TARA or Data Mover.

seven11 26 posts Joined 12/09
03 May 2016


  1. yep (I'll call it a multi-stream manager)
  2. yep, TARA and Data Mover have multi-stream managers built in
  3. I'm going to say the offical Teradata answer is no
  4. depends, sounds like you are trying to create an ARC only based solution to transfer data between two Teradata systems
    1. multi-stream & Enhanced Local AMP backups were conceived to replace Cluster backups (which is basically a depricated function)
    2. as far as I am aware restoring a Cluster backup to a different configuration had limitation and was slow
    3. depending on your environment multi-stream restores to a different system/configuration may be limited in performance usually due to one of two things the network/bandwidth between the systems or the overhead of data redistribution at the target end


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