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Vik2006 5 posts Joined 03/06
08 Mar 2006
Alert by Email during mload error

I have this requirement when error table gets generated during the MLOAD, I want to send an email. If anyone has done this before, can you send me the possible solutions for this problem?Thanks.

Swamy 2 posts Joined 11/04
09 Mar 2006

Hi,One way would be After Mload use a BTEQ to query for the error table if present quit on some value say '99' and use your OS to mail when the return code is 99.Thanks.

sethiyagu 19 posts Joined 11/04
14 Mar 2006

Mr.Swamy,Could you please elaborate the steps, explain how to configure OS to get alert by email & also include any scripts that you have executed.Stration

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