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mtlrsk 30 posts Joined 06/08
27 May 2009
2665 Invalid Date error in Teradata Parallel Transporter.

Hi All,I have a file with 9k records which gets successfully loaded by using Traditional Fastload Utility.The same file when i try to load using Teradata Parallel Transporter LOAD Operator , all these records goes into ET table, with errorcode 2665 - Invalid date -- For one of the DATE columns.I've even tried giving FORMAT in the INSERT/SELECT part , but it still addresses that job completed successfully but all 9k records creeps into ET table. The file is a TAB delimited file.Please can you advise where i m going wrong ?Regards,Mtlrsk

feinholz 1234 posts Joined 05/08
03 Jun 2009

Please supply the schema definition of your TPT script.For TAB delimited files, the schema definition must be all VARCHAR.


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