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Informatica and mload Security Topic by Elle 19 May 2008

We would like to use Teradata sso or a 3rd party authentication tool (com object) with Informatica creating mload scripts loading data into Teradata. Is this possible? Is it possible NOT to store the Teradata target database password in Informatica? or do we have to edit the mload control file to change?

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Error inserting Blobs Topic by Anomoly 15 May 2008

I have database that is 120MB. In it I have 2 tables. One that is less than 16M and another empty.That empty table has a blob(3M) datatype. When I insert up to 1.8-9MB in my blob I am fine. However, when I insert just over this I get a "Database out of memory" error when inserting. I know it is not out of memory because I have about 104M left in this database. The box my database is on has untold terabytes of memory. Space is not an issue. I was wondering if anyone else has come accross this or if this was a known issue.I am checking my table sizes by querying dbc.Thanks.

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AtanaSuite Essential Topic by NMadson-3173 13 May 2008

Does anyone here use AtanaSuite Essential (or any AtanaSoft products for that matter)?Any idea what their pricing is? (Any time a vendor refuses to list prices, I immediately suspect that the product is too expensive.)thanks in advance,Nolan

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Calling BTEQ scripts from a .NET application Topic by arunsankar 08 May 2008

Hi all,Is there a way to call a BTEQ script from a .NET application and if so is it possible to pass parameters to the BTEQ script in any way....Thanks in advance for the inputs...Thanks,Arun

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Unable to Install Teradata V2R6.2 on VMWare - 32bit Windows 2003 SP2 Topic by nshen_Infor 17 Apr 2008

Hi! We have this big VMWare server that we plan to install Teradata V2R6.2 on the 32bit Windows Server 2003 SP2.But we are having problem with the installations, and there is no mentioning of VMWare support on Teradata OS support matrix nor in Teradata V2R6.2 for 32 bits Windows 2003 Installation Guide.1) Is VMWare supported?2) If (1) is affirmative, then is there a place where we can get the installation instruction for VMWare? Maybe we did not configure the VMWare resource correctly, thus we really need some guidance here.If this is not the correct forum, please re-direct us to the right forum.Thank you.Regards, Nancy

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UNICA on Teradata Topic by fxstein 10 Sep 2006

Anybody out there with experience running UNICA CRM on Teradata?

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Pls help, for TeraData function Topic by Max.Lee 08 Sep 2007

We will generate some reports from TeraData, due to the business logic is too complex, we may need to create function in TeraData, and use them as below:select function(V_DIM_ACCOUNT.Acct_Num) from V_Dim_Account;As I can see now, TeraData seems don't support using SQL to write function but procedure, but procedure can't fit our requirement because I can't use it in a simple select sql.

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Data replication between Mainframe and Teradata Topic by alokagrawal 10 Dec 2007

Hi, We came across two possible solutions Data Mirror or Golden gate. Does somebody have any experience?

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How to exec macro from MS Access? Topic by Elle 29 Nov 2007

Hello,I am trying to "exec" a macro from MS Access as a pass-through query. However, if the macro has insert/update/delete then a select, no data will be returned with an error of "Pass-through query with ReturnsRecords property set to True did not return any records. (Error 3325)". Only when the macro is the select will data be returned. It appears as though the macro is "being expanded" by MS Access as multiple lines - which it won't process, only a single line. BTW, it will work with other DBMS stprocs. Could this be a driver problem? or the correct behavior?Thanks

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Can we give ROLENAME in the CREATE USER quey? Topic by flair123 24 Oct 2007

Hi all,Can we give ROLENAME in the CREATE USER quey?I got sample query:[color=11][size=6]"CREATE USER Jones FROM td2idm AS PERMANENT = 1000000 BYTES, SPOOL = 1000000 BYTES PASSWORD = Jan123456, ROLEBACK= ALL, FALLBACK;"[/size][/color]But this query gives me an error as:[color=11][size=6]"com.ncr.teradata.jdbc_4.util.JDBCException: [NCR] [Teradata DBMS] : Syntax error, expected something like a

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Teradata NR0-013 v2R5 SQL Certifrication Topic by kaminshah 24 Oct 2007

All,I have access to the WBT for SQL certification. Do I need to read through the upgrades after v2R5 or can stop at v2R5. One of the SQL WBTs covers the upgrades in v2r6 and beyond.Thanks

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Teradata query not finishing when executed from DataStage Topic by RGlass 23 Oct 2007

Hello all,I have a developer running a process using Datastage 8A query is executed on Teradata but does'nt finish.From Pmon the session is idle and pe state is response. It stayed in this state all weekend.If I run the query outside of DS it executes in less than a minute and returns 21 mil rows.Any Ideas?thanks, Tbob

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Need help executing teradata macro from interface. Topic by rntd 22 Oct 2007

Hi there,I am pretty new to teradata. Recently I wrote some teradata SQL statements and be able to pull some data to view using SQL assistant for teradata. I then create/save a macro with some parameters and can be able to execute it within teradata SQL assistant, ODBC. Now I need to execute this macro from an MS-access form/interface. Usually, I use ado and dao between vba and SQL server. I've read someone could be able to do this with teradata. Can someone help me with this? Can I use ODBC for this task or I need OLEBD and connection string? Anyone has any code I can learn the syntax from?Thanks in advance.

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Need to Cancel a Query runnnign between ASP and Teradata Topic by sks-5048 15 Oct 2007

We have a web application running ASP and COM (DLL) with Teradata as backend. User wants a Cancel button which should clear the query from the browser as well as kill or stop the query running on Teradata. Is this something that's doable? If so, how?Thanks in advance!Sameer

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Pls help, for TeraData function Topic by Max.Lee 08 Sep 2007

We will generate some reports from TeraData, due to the business logic is too complex, we may need to create function in TeraData, and use them as below:select function(V_DIM_ACCOUNT.Acct_Num) from V_Dim_Account;As I can see now, TeraData seems don't support using SQL to write function but procedure, but procedure can't fit our requirement because I can't use it in a simple select sql.

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TIBCO Adaptor Topic by pgom 05 Sep 2007

I have a client getting the following error trying the connect using the TIBCO adaptor:2007 Sep 03 21:50:02:348 GMT +5 TeradataAdapterConfiguration.TeradataAdapterConfiguration Error [Application] AETD-000054 Could not initialize DBCAREA. any suggestions?There were some parameters on the clients server that needed setting, problem resolved.

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Teradata with Java CAPS Topic by Barry-1604 30 Aug 2007

Has anyone used Teradata with Java CAPS? Specifically we're trying to use the Java CAPS OTD (Object Type Definition) to define a Teradata macro to Java CAPS. The Java CAPS OTD interface allows you to specify:1) A table or view2) A stored procedure3) SQLWe select option 3, because option 2 only retrieves stored procedures. However, when we put in the "Exec macroname(?,?,?);", Java CAPS does not allow it, saying that it's an invalid SQL statement. I assume it's doing some form of validation. A regular "SELECT ..." statement works fine.We would like to have our database retrieval code in macros, rather than having the code stored in Java CAPS, but there doesn't seem to be a way to do this. We can use stored procedures for updates, but we can't use them to retrieve resultsets.Does anyone know a workaround to this?Thanks,Barry

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Teradata connectivity Problem with Informatica Topic by riteshkr 23 Aug 2007

Hi, I have Informatica 8.1 and have to use Teradata as Backend. I created ODBC connection and I am able to import teradata tables as source and target. I created a relational connection for Teradata and tried to execute my workflow but I am getting error. In teradata relational connection I have given connection name as edw_dev , user_id and Password and data source name again as edw_dev as that is my system dsn name in ODBC connection. The database name is kept as blank. The error which I am getting isSeverity Timestamp Node Thread Message Code MessageERROR 8/22/2007 7:52:36 AM node01_nyrofclnxinformatica READER_1_1_1 RR_4036 Error connecting to database [[unixODBC][Driver Manager]Data source name not found, and no default driver specifiedDatabase driver error...Function Name : ConnectDatabase driver error...Function Name : ConnectDatabase Error: Failed to connect to database using user [b_sott_dev] and connection string [edw_dev].]. What could be possible reason for this? Is there any problem with the relational database connection I have provided or is it problem with ODBC. Any help will be highly appreciated.Thanks,Ritesh Kumar

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GUI front end ? Topic by andgreen 17 Jul 2007

Hi,I've been using the Teradata SQL assistant for some months, but I've now been charged with finding out the best way to develop some form of "user friendly" front end to the database.I would be very grateful if some-one could suggest a package that can do this. Does Teradata have its own front end application development software ? Thanks.Andrew Greenwood

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Teradata - DTS Parameter Passing Topic by SrikanthI 16 Jul 2007

Hi,I am new to Teradata.I am trying to pull Teradata data into SQL Server 2000 using a DTS. I need to pull a month data based on the month parameter passed. DTS throws an error when I try to use '?' in the query.

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Teradata to Oracle Database Migration Tool for Free Topic by Kir Bojo 13 Mar 2007

Hi,I am interested in knowing if there exists any tool in the market for free, which can help me in migrating the Teradata DB objects to Oracle 10g.Any info in this regard will be of great help to me.Thanks,

1 reply, 14 years ago
V2R6 EXAMS Topic by Rajaraman 18 May 2007

Hi,Does anyone have any idea about when the Teradata is about to release the new generation of their certitication series. i.e. on v2r6 Platform?

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Loading data to base tables directly using Informatica Topic by 13 Mar 2007

Hi,We are using Informatica to load data to Teradata. We use Loaderobject and load data using Fastload and Multiload. In all ourloads we extract the data from MSSQL databases and load the datato a staging area in Teradata environment. once the data isloaded in the staging area we then use Teradata BTEQ scripts(out side informatica) to load the data into the actualproduction base tables. There are quite a few cases where we canload data into production Base tables directly from MSSQL usingInformatica loader object (FASTLOAD, MULTILOAD)but we are afraidif that would cause any issues (Locking the tables, and the onlyway to get the table is to drop the table and recreate it). I'dappreciate if some one is following this approach, and if theyran into any issues. Thanks in advance.

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teradata utility licencse Topic by meet_as 14 Mar 2007

Hi,can anybody tell me about Teradata utilities (e.g. bteq, mload, etc.)license. Is it possible to buy utilities separately? or these comes with the database only.Looking for an early response.Thanks & Regards,

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Latest NCR MP-RAS release version Topic by Kir Bojo 19 Oct 2006

Hi,Can someone help me by providing information regarding the latest available NCR MP-RAS release version in market? I would also like to know if it is backward compatible with MP-RAS 3.0.2. It would be great if someone can provide me with the weblinks in this regard, where i can get the bug fixing information, introduced in the latest version.Thanks,

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