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MS SSIS - OLEDB command Topic by helmut 15 May 2009

Hi,I try to load a Teradata table in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Integration Services using OLE DB command transformation, but I have problems passing the column parameters of the Teradata table to the transformation.In the OLE DB command transformation I use the following SQL command:update p.resource set validTo=? where Id=?;Because the system does not automatically recognize the parameters I entered the following external columns manually:- Param_0:DBParamInfoFlags=1Datatype=DT_DBTIMESTAMP- Param_1:DBParamInfoFlags=1Datatype=DT_STRCodePage=1252Length=36The data types of the source columns are equal with the parameter data types above.I also manually set the column mappings, but I get the following error message:Unable to retrieve destination column descriptions from the parameters of the SQL command. I tried a lot but I am not able to solve this problem. But I found out, that this problem only occurs when one of the parameters is a string (DT_STR). If I use a numeric parameter instead, everything works fine. Unfortunately I have to use string parameters in certain situations, so avoiding strings is not a solution...Is there maybe a better way to update Teradata tables in SSIS 2008?Does anybody have experience updating Teradata tables in SSIS 2008 in general or with the OLE DB command in special?Thanks in advance!Best regards, Helmut

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MicroStrategy / Viewpoint Integration Requirements & Use Cases Topic by sg1 09 Sep 2010

I'm seeking integration requirements and/or use cases for displaying MicroStrategy Enterprise Manager (for e.g.) information within a Viewpoint portlet. What specific MSTR components / functionality would be most useful to be visible within a Viewpoint Portal? Any feedback is greatly appreciated. The more detail and specificity with regard to use cases will be a real plus.

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Sunopsis to ODI Upgrade Topic by Vikram_Singh 28 Aug 2010 odi, terajdbc, sunopsis


We are upgrading to ODI from Sunopsis 3.2 and post upgrade we have the below error if the number of jobs executed simultaneously is more than 60 on 7 node machine. The Java version is 1.5 and Terajdbc4.jar (the jdbc driver we are using is ojdbc5.jar).

Please let us know is you have experienced the same and does it help if the ODI max heap size is being increased to 3 GB from 1 GB.

Also note that the class path is pointing to the correct version of the drivers.

org.apache.bsf.BSFException: exception from Jython:
Traceback (innermost last):

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Security Code vulnerabilities in Informatica seciprts, BTEQ Scripts Topic by dpotnuru75 11 Jun 2010


I am doing the infromation security code review for the BTEQ scripts. I am just wondering, What type of Security vulnerabilites can be done by the BTEQ scripts developers and in informatica scripts. Please guide me in finding the security code review for the BTEQ scripts. Send me the list of vulnerabilties that most of the developer commit during BTEQ script developemnt.

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insert anamalies Topic by suresh1219 21 Jul 2010

hai to all,

what is insert and update anamalies in teradata pls help me.............\

thanks in advance

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Table Metadata information for Hyperion Topic by Innova 28 Jun 2010 hyperion teradata meta data

We are trying to read data from Teradata with Hyperion 8.5. The OCE is selecting records from DBC.COLUMNSX to find out the length of the columns. Since Hyperion is running this for the views, it is receiving a lot of NULL data for the column lengths. Much of the data is then being truncated in Hyperion.

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Timestamp in Hyperion (Brio) 9.3.1 and Teradata V2R6.1 Topic by gb 21 Apr 2010 timestamp, hyperion, brio, difference between two timestamps


Would anyone know why the difference of two timestamp(6) columns in interval day(4) to second(6) is coming out all nulls in Hyperion 9.3.1? A calculated field with formula "(col2 - col1) interval day(4) to second(6)" is always NULL even though the two columns have different timestamp values.

Just to give you an idea, below is the equivalent in SQL Assistant that works:

create volatile table mytable ( col1 timestamp(6) , col2 timestamp(6) ) primary index (col1) on commit preserve rows;

delete from mytable;
insert into mytable
values (

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Third-party Applications supported by TD 13 Topic by HarryZ 12 May 2010

Does anyone know if following applications are compatible with TD 13? what versions of these applications listed below (if any) are supported by TD 13?

Tivoli Storage Manager
Tivoli Identity Manager
Tivoli Access Manager
McAfee anti-virus
CA Unicenter
CA Spectrum

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Connect INFORMATICA PowerCenter to TERADATA Topic by LUCAS 07 Oct 2009 informatica


this is a second post, looks like the former one is lost ...
an attempt to connect INFORMATICA to TERADATA via ODBC returns an error :
[DataDirect][ODBC Teradata Client driver][Teradata]The user does not have SELECT access to DBC.TVM.

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SAS BIGINT issue? Topic by Random_Thought 12 Nov 2009

There is an issue with SAS 9 accessing Teradata databases that use BIGINT.


ERROR: At least one of the columns in this DBMS table has
a datatype that is not supported by this engine.

Has anyone fixed this issue here? There was supposed to be a fix has anyone had any success with this?


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What about the Talend certification program? Topic by ofdabler 21 Oct 2009

Hello, I have been using the Talend software for a few months now and am very happy. I have seen the page on the Talend certification and the exam on the website ( ). I wonder what it takes to take the exam, if you need to know well Talend. Also is the exam available for everyone and is it free or paying? Maybe someone would have an idea? Thank you.

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Will Teradatawork on Vista OS.. Topic by MKK 08 May 2009

Hi All,Can any one tel me whether Teradata will work on Vista supported OS..?

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more info on teradata world Topic by sakthi 28 Sep 2009

Hello Everyone , I am new to the teradata world.I d like to know few things about this.I know Teradata as a database which can be used to house data in Terabytes. Want to know the roles around the Teradata.I guess Teradata production dba are like database administrators for any other databases or differentproduction databases.Do we have teradata system administrators like we have wintel , aix and hp unix system administrators or its part of the teradata dba role with root access or its project specific wrt client security standards.who are the people who usually work with teradata dba.Are they the below ones like :teradata application dba , teradata application programmers.Teradata db users.Also what are the skills required to become a teradata developer or a teradata application programmers any other job roles in this teradata database world.Regards Sakthi

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Demo on Win 2003 Server - Connection reset by peer Topic by jpg 24 Sep 2009

Hello allGetting the above with fresh install of TDE 12 on Win2003 Server using both "out of the box" and updated ( ODBC drivers. Strange things happen when using BTEQWin, too - just had the database restart on me while executing a select against dbc.columns as a test (i.e. to pinpoint ODBC as the problem). The test failed, so the problem is not necessarily ODBC-related. I seem to get a TD restart (almost) every time I submit a query.Teradata Service Control app. shows TD switching from "Running" to "RESET/STOPTASKS", then going into "START/NETCONFIG" etc... effectively restarting itself after some unexpected failure.Is this a known bug? Is there a workaround? Or do I have to put it on XP for it to work reliably/at all?ThanksJames

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MySQL database and Software as a Service Topic by Jstatic 02 Sep 2009

Hi all, We are a young, new company on the market. We are starting to open up new markets in other countries (Europe). It somewhat is a challenge for us: we can't share our data and mysql database between all our different services. So here is my question: do you think it would be possible to find an ETL program that could work in the cloud?

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Welcome to the Teradata Developer Exchange discussion forums! Topic by neilotoole 14 Jul 2009 devx

Please see this topic in the General forum for an introduction to the new discussion forums, and a chance to give feedback.

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SQL Assistant - missing or corrupt terada.lng reported during startup Topic by pj.routledge 02 Feb 2009

I have two PCs on my desk, both running Windows XP (with updates etc - they should be identical as they're automatically updated by the corporate IT people frequently).I've installed the Teradata SQL Assistant (v7.2.0.06 (English)) on both machines in exactly the same way.On both machines, there is a file called 'terada.lng' in the folder 'C:\Program Files\NCR\Teradata SQL Assistant 7.2'. The terada.lng file is creation dated Tuesday, 18 September 2007, 08:02:00 on one machine and Tuesday, 18 September 2007, 07:02:00 on the other machine. Both files are the same size, ie 19 520 bytes. (I suspect that the time difference is due to daylight saving or something like that.)One of the machines starts up normally, and queries are formatted according to the colour and formatting options set using the Tools | Options Formatting tab.The other machine reports that 'Language file (TERADA.lng) is missing or invalid. The parameter is incorrect.' during start up, and queries are NOT formatted according to the colour and formatting options set using the Tools | Options Formatting tab. SQL Assistant does start up and work, though. Queries run correctly, etc.This has been the situation for some months (since late October 2008).I've tried replacing the terada.lng file and I've tried uninstalling and re-installing SQL Assistant on the faulty machine, all to no avail.I'm assuming that the faulty installation is using the base.lng language file, or no language file at all, but I'd like to get it to use the terada.lng file.Any suggestions/experience?Regards,Peter

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technologies Topic by allpubs 23 Nov 2008

We like to know if there are technologies like those posted at Thanks

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ODBC connection problem - MS Query and Excel Topic by AndrewLivingston 12 Aug 2008

Hello!Although this query has more to do with ODBC than Teradata, I am only posting it to see if any other users have worked around the error I have encountered.When connecting to Teradata via Excel | Data | New Database Query, when the dialogue comes up, I enter my password, and it comes up with Connecting... After about half a minute I get an Out of Memory error, and MS Query CPU usage goes to 50% and stays there, with memory allocated of 16000KB. I have to end the process to continue.I believe this issue has to do with my PC build and with the number of tables in our Teradata system. The problem is, a laptop with the same memory, but a laptop build, works fine and has no problems loading the tables in.My question is has anyone come up with a successful workaround? One workaround I have found was to open a small database and then in MS Query click on Options and tick only the Tables box, so that only Table names load. When I go back in and try Teradata I can get in. This is a workaround, but I would like to find an easier one, perhaps a setting that users can use instead. Not all users will have a small database they can connect to to set the options.I have proven that I am connecting to the database by inputting my password incorrectly. It wouldn't log me on, so I can tell it is not a Teradata issue.Thanks!

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system hang after connecting to Teradata with Visual Studio 2008 via ODBC Topic by akhshay 20 Aug 2008

helloI connected the visual studio to the Teradata EDW via ODBC connection simply by using Add Connection option it asked for edw name, username and password. After get connected when i try to view the tables by expanding in server explorer the system gets hang.after connection i also try to use Grid View on a test web page, it provide all information about connection string, data source and when i click on save this connection string as any xyz or even when that option is unchecked, the system again hangs and need to restart visual i am not able to actually view or use table in EDW with Visual Studio 2008.RegardsAkhshay Gandhi

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.NET unable to fetch the data from teradata Topic by akhshay 21 Aug 2008

hiI am using .NET as a frontend and trying to connect to teradata edw of our company for accessing data.i am using odbc. following is the code: protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { Microsoft.Data.Odbc.OdbcConnection oODBCConnection; OdbcCommand cmd; OdbcDataReader rdr; string sConnString = "Dsn=TDEDW1;Driver={Teradata};uid=appl_student_t_04; Database = t_student04_1;Pwd = Training_04"; oODBCConnection = new OdbcConnection(sConnString); oODBCConnection.Open(); string strSQL = "Select ShipToCustomer From T_STUDENT04_1.orderdetails where OrderID=10926 and UnitPrice=6.00"; cmd = new OdbcCommand(strSQL, oODBCConnection); rdr = cmd.ExecuteReader(); TextBox1.Text = rdr.GetName(0); TextBox2.Text = rdr.GetString(0); rdr.Close(); cmd.Dispose(); oODBCConnection.Close();the problem is it shows the column name, but says no data exist for a particular row/column.the same query gives data when used in Teradata SQL assistant.textbox1 gives the field shiptocustomer but for textbox2 vs says no data exist.thank you :-)regardsAkhshay Gandhi.

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Teradata & JAVA connection please Topic by vinay 31 Jul 2008

Hi all can anyone please tell me how can we connect teradata with java, please let me know

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Teradata & SAS Queries Topic by xavisco 08 Jul 2008

Hi,I am working with Teradata DB and some programs in SAS language. I think that when you use a PROC SQL to do a query, SAS get the info from Teradata, load all the data in SAS tables, solve the query and then delete the temporary tables instead of solving the query in Teradata DB, am I right? So, if the answer is affirmative, Thanks in advance for your answers,Xavi.

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Install Terdata version 12 on Windows 2003 server Topic by Michael Braverman 23 Jun 2008

I am attempting to install version 12 on one of our Windows 2003 servers. One server installed everything as expected and works. however, on the this server, the installation is not installing the 'Common Files' folder. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

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Protegrity Data Encryption Topic by chris_dev 29 May 2008

We are evaluating Protegrity to encrypt the data in our database. Does anyone else use this product? If so, what are your experiences?Thanks!

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