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dwhwrapper - cli wrapper for Teradata data warehouse utilities (BTEQ,etc..) Topic by FelixBarbalet 21 Feb 2012 bteq, python, mload, csv, fastld, fastexp

Hi All

We wanted to share a python tool we've developed recently which provides a cli to teradata bteq and other utilities to allow:
* easy execution of scripts/SQL queries from the command line
* download to csv (and binary) format without third-party conversion tools
* upload from csv (and binary) format without third-party conversion tools

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Teradata 13.10 and SAS 9.1.3 using TTU12 Topic by Ian Russell 15 Mar 2012

We are about to upgrade to TD13.10 but it looks likely we will not have SAS upgraded to a certified version in time.

Anyone using the above combination and does it work or what isses have you faced.

Has anyone tried upgrading the TTU only and has this worked and which version TTU13.0 or TTU13.10 but still with SAS 9.1.3.

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Teradata 13.10 and Informatica 8.6.1 Topic by zlats 07 Feb 2012

I know INFA 8.6.1 has not been certified wiith 13.10, but does it work? Any customers out there using it? Will we provide standard support and/or will Informatica support as well?

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Business Objects passing END SQL values to Teradata so they appear in DBQL Topic by Ian Russell 29 Feb 2012

Has anyone managed to get the BO END SQL parameters to appear in DBQL?

Our BO Administrator says it is possible to tag BO username, universe, etc to the end of every SQL sent to Teradata after the semi-colon. However, when we tried this DBQL did not record anything after the semi-colon.

The Teradata ODBC User Guide also has the following which suggests this is not possible:

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SQL Server Replication and Teradata Topic by BPP 15 Feb 2012


We are planning to replicate data from MS SQL Server databases to Teradata RDBMS using SQL Server Replication, and we would like to know whether it is possible or not? if it is possible then what tools we need to have from Teradata side? odbc, tpump or ole load etc.. Please let me know. 

Thanks for your time on this!


Bhanu P

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Using a deduplication product with Teradata Topic by JJCrum 11 Jan 2012 bar, deduplication, backups

Does anyone have any experience using a deduplication tool (eg. EMC Data Domain) for their Teradata backups?  I'm curious how it works since the rows of data won't  come out of Teradata in the same sequence every time.


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Where in the Windows registry can I find the teradata client V13.10 (32-bit) install information? Topic by tommyclass 22 Nov 2011

My application uses DataDirect Teradata odbc driver, one of the dependecy is that the Teradata client must be installed for the datadirect odbc driver (32-bit) to work. I'm using the 32-bit driver, where in the registry can I check on a client 64-bit machine (windows-xp, windows7) to verify the teradata client software have been installed?

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Ab Initio ETL Training Online Topic by polonet 28 Feb 2010

Anyone know of a place that does ab initio training online. and if the training is with Teradata, better yet.


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Missing records within Teradata from Informatica Topic by TFurst 09 Nov 2011

I'm having an issue between Informatica and Teradata.  The source table contains 11397 records.  I'm doing a staight pull from the source to target table with no manipulation of the data.  The source is SQL Server and the Target is Teradata.  The workflow is successful and indicates within Workflow Manager that 11397 was read, 2 had issues, and 11395 was written to the target table.  The 2 issu

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Informatica vs Teradata BTEQ Topic by shahrajm 05 Feb 2009

I want to perform complex transformation on staging data and load them in fact tables. both staging and fact tables resides in same teradata database.What should be the better choice?Informatica or BTEQ scrips?Volume of data is appx 200,000 rows every day.

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Business Objects Data Services cannot find full path for tbuild.exe Topic by MattACG 27 Sep 2011 teradata parallel transporter, business objects, bulk loaders

Hello all,

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compatibility between Sun One Directory Server 6.1 and Teradata Drivers 13.0 Topic by Suchetamtr 21 Sep 2011 sun one directory server

I wanted to know if Teradata Drivers version 13.0 has any compatibility issue with Sun One Directory Server version 6.1.



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Business Objects Data Integrator to move data from Oracle to Teradata Topic by bethw 20 Sep 2011 business objects, data integrator

I am working on a project to move data from an Oracle PeopleSoft application into a Teradata data warehouse. 

Is anyone else using data integrator to load Teradata?  Would you be willing to participate in a short call to discuss configuration, performance and implementation challenges?

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Outbound Messages from Teradata to JMS Queue / Weblogic Topic by cmercado11td 08 Sep 2011 jms outbound weblogic teradata



I am aware that data can be loaded into Teradata coming from JMS Queue, but how is it done the other way around? 

This is more in the application of notifications from events happening in Teradata.







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3rd Party tool installation Topic by kevinjachelski 22 Aug 2011

Is the installation of third party software (such as a commercial java rules engine) supported on a Teradata appliance?

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Geospatial data types in BI Tools Topic by ND_Siouxfan 14 Jan 2011 geospatial

Anyone integrated geospatial data into 3rd party tools such as Cognos or Microsoft? I've attempted with Microsoft, but must be missing something in how certain data types translate between the .NET provider and ReportBuilder 3.0.

Thanks in advance

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How to replicat al32utf8 data from oracle to teradta? Topic by sckim805 18 May 2011

I try to replicat asia language data from oracle to teradata.

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How to replicate Unicode data to Teradata using GoldenGate? Topic by rkotechaebay 18 Oct 2010 goldengate, odbc, oracle to teradata replication

We are trying to replicate data from a set of Oracle databases into a Teradata appliance. Some of the columns in source contain data in Unicode (UTF-8) character set and we are unable to replicate them properly. Following are the platform details -

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JDeveloper Error "Table qualifiers not supported by data source" Topic by AA43003 11 May 2011 java jdbc jdeveloper [ncr][odbc teradata driver] table qualifiers not supported by data source

I have TD13 Jar downloaded and referenced in the CLASSPATH for my windows desktop (2 files - terajdbc4.jar
and tdgssconfig.jar). I also added the TdgssUserConfigFile.xml to the classpath.

My classpath looks like this:

C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_15\lib\ext\;C:\Program Files\NCR\Teradata GSS\nt-i386\LCLIENT\lib\java\terajdbc4.jar;C:\Program Files\NCR\Teradata GSS\nt-i386\LCLIENT\lib\java\tdgssconfig.jar;C:\Program Files\NCR\Teradata GSS\nt-i386\LCLIENT\lib\java\TdgssUserConfigFile.xml;

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JDBC Driver and mass update Topic by mnylin 10 May 2011 jdbc, etl, webmethods

We are using webMethods for certain near real-time ETL feeds into our Teradata system. This tool uses JDBC to connect to the Teradata system and issue single row DML operations. In working with the webMethods development team, we asked if it was possible to batch multiple transations into a single commit statement. The answer we received was that the JDBC adapter being used does not support mass updates without using a stored procedure.

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SPSS/Clementine Topic by Greyghost 11 May 2011 spss, clementine

Currently SPSS/Clementine is installed to operate against our Teradata system, and when I check the DBQL logs to review who is doing what, I see that the user Clementine is running SQL. This user "Clementine" is a generic userid and password set up in Teradata.

Is it possible to configure SPSS/Clementine or Teradata so that the ACTUAL user id (person submitting the query) is captured in the DBQL logs instead of the generic Clementine id? Right now, I am unable to tell WHO is actually running jobs. All I can tell is someone is running a job and using Clementine to do it.

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How many Teradata sessions does Micorsoft Query use? Topic by mberndt 04 May 2011 odbc, sql, excel, ms query, microsoft query


does somebody know how many session/sqls MS Query sends over ODBC to teradata? Currently I refresh an Excel Pivot (with external Data on Teradata) with a VBA script and it takes very long time and on teradata I see a lot off sessions... I don't understand why. The second quession is: Can I optimze the request?

Thanks a very lot


PS.: That's a part off the VBA-Code:

SQLtxt = ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("SQL - Pivot").Cells(2, 1).Value


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Moving Data from SQL Server to Teradata Topic by Greyghost 22 Mar 2011 ssis, sql server, ole load


I'm not sure if I posted this in the right forum, but here goes.

I need to load (basically copy) tables from a SQL Server application and load those tables to Teradata. I can access the tables thru SQL Assistant now, but am not sure how I should set up this "copy" from one platform to another. There are 100+ tables that I need to copy, and this copy will be done on a regular basis (weekly or monthly) so a manual process is not ideal.

Someone suggested using OLE Load to do this copy. Is this the best way? Can OLE Load be set up to run in batch mode? If so, how?

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Ports Required for Teradata to be connected Topic by kohmsaravanan 03 Apr 2008

Hi I have installed Teradata on my PC and wanted to connect to Teradata Server. There are some Firewall policies in the organisation for which when I contacted the Network Admin he asked me what are the ports needs to be opened to access Teradata from my PC. I didnt find any answer for the question. Please help me on the same.Ohmsaravanan Karthikeyan

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Can some guide on what need to give as Domain name, Host name, Port number, User name, Password while configuring Domain during installation of Informatica Server. I am trying to install Informatica 8.6.0...with backend Teradata 12... I have Teradata ODBC connection as MYDATABASE and user name as Vamsi...these are in Teradata.. Please help on this!!!

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