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Have questions related to the interaction of non-Teradata software with Teradata? This is the place to ask questions about any of our partners' software.

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Reverse Engineering partitions in Toad Data Modeler Topic by cursavas 26 Feb 2013 data model, partitioning, reverse engineering


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Teradata JDBC driver is too slow when access CLOB access from Teradata. This is sample code I tested with my system Topic by saravanan.kannan 14 Feb 2013 terajdbc4.jar, tdgssconfig.jar, impoascampaign

When we using Teradata jdbc driver to fetch CLOB objects from Teradata, the JDBC driver is slow and takes almost 700 secs to fetch 100 MB data across the wire. Please let me know how to resolve this issues with JDBC driver. I tested with Oracle driver, it responds in 10 secs. There is a huge difference.

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Automation ( by ZENA) of Teradata backup jobs generated by TARA GUI ( TSM Tivoli) . Topic by atalukder 14 Feb 2013

Hi Masters,
 Good morning.  
I need help from you regarding automation ( by ZENA) of Teradata backup jobs generated by TARA GUI ( TSM Tivoli) .
I will give you little background of our current backup procedure.
Teradata backup jobs were scheduled through mainframe ZEKE Scheduler for many years.

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Teradata ODBC Connector Topic by pmurthy 02 Nov 2011

Hi, does anyone know if it is possible to connect to the teradata database, from within a BizTalk project, using the ODBC connector for teradata. I am new to this, and unsure as to how this can be done. Any help would be appreciated

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BizTalk with Teradata? Topic by colin.davies 22 Oct 2008

Is anyone using BizTalk with Teradata, especially for "trickle-feeding" near real-time updates into the EDW?

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Teradata SQL Parser Topic by mybudy 04 May 2011 sql, parser, formatter, syntax check, formatting, matadata, parsing

Topics related to the Teradata SQL Parser: Metadata Query, Parsing, formatting, analysis of SQL script, customizable SQL formatter, SQL syntax check

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SSRS - querying TD using a VB expression via ODBC Topic by TerrorDater 21 Nov 2012

SQL Server 2008 R2 - Reporting Services - Windows Server 2003 sp2
I am using BETWEEN in my WHERE clause as part of a VB expression, to power a SSRS report:
(" & Format(Parameters!parm_DateFrom.Value,"yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss") & ") Timestamp(0)

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Fastload giving intermittent error when used in SAP BODS Topic by mohithuria 21 Jan 2013 fastload error, length greater then defined, bods fastload

We are using SAP BODS as ETL tool and it is loading data into Teradata warehouse, the error logs in BODS show the below error and when we restart  the job without changing anything in the source data the error goes away which means that there was nothing wrong with the source data and this is intermittently coming in different tables and also at times the size of the tables is not big at all, e

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Informatica concurrent data load to Teradata - Locking issue and suspected band-aid solution by service provider Topic by Parambi 10 Jan 2013 teradata, informatica, locking error


A third party vendor has developed a data mart application for us and now they are deploying it.  This is a cloud based 

application using Informatica 9.0 and Teradata 13 database. The source data files are comming from different locations

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Migrating Cognos 8 report to Cognos 10 and getting SPOOL errors in Teradata Topic by 04 Sep 2012 odbc, spool, cognos 10

We have an existing Cognos 8 environment (running on Windows 32bit) connecting to Teradata via ODBC driver using a Teradata account with 2GB/amp in spool setting, and the report is working fine.

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Backup recommentations Topic by jcstewar 14 Dec 2012 backup

I need the ability to backup a select number of tables daily that would be the building blocks for a restore and ELT run if there were any issues.  I also would like to do a full backup on the weekend of the set of tables that make up the base data for all time, these are the tables that all the reporting and other data objects are based on.

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Coldfusion and TeraData JDBC Documentation Topic by acke 18 May 2011 jdbc, coldfusion, jrun

a few weeks ago I found a document how to install the JDBC driver for Coldfusion. unfortunately I deleted it from my HD and now I came back to download it again but I can't find it anymore. The Document was about the setup of JRUN and Coldfusion with JDBC driver can anybody tell me where I can find it again.

Many Thanks in advanced

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Backing up Teradata using Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Topic by frickc 10 Jul 2007

Anyone out there backing up Teradata using TSM? Looking for solutions and advice.

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EntityDataSource date parameters with Teradata Topic by devylzangel 15 Oct 2012 entity framework, .net framework 4.0, c#

I am working on a web application in .NET Framework 4 (C#).  We are using the Entity Framework (v4) with a Teradata backend.  I am trying to set the where clause for an EntityDataSource so that a date column is equal to a specific value:
.where = string.Format(@"it.Begin_Date = CAST('{0}' as date)", Convert.ToDateTime(txtSelectedBeginDate.Text).ToString());

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Loading TD 13.10 Period Datatype with Informatica 9.1 workaround Topic by VandeBergB 21 Sep 2012 period, informactica, td1310

My ETL team is in search of a workaround to load a period data type with INFA 9.1.  We've tried casting period(current_date,until_changed) as a string and nearly every other workaround we can think of. 

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List of tables and columns while writing sql Topic by soumyanand 04 Oct 2012 list of tables and columns while writing sql

I would like to know the way where in i can display the list of tables and columns when i press spacebar while writing sql in teradata assistant.

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SLJM Windows Topic by saadwaseem 25 Sep 2012 teradata, sljm, simple load job management

Dear All,
Anybody remember the SLJM windows client for SLJM? it was a win32 application, and could read job status from SLJM configured on Unix. Anybody knows where I can get it from?

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Informatica and Teradata Topic by rod_teo 17 May 2012 powerexchange for teradata pt, resources [powerexchange for teradata pt ] are not available, resources are not available, session task instance has been rejected

Hello all,

Could someone please assist me with an issue that I am currently experiencing?

When we currently attempt to execute workflows that use PowerExchange for Teradata PT, the workflow fails to initialise due to "resources not being available".

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Copy from vault Topic by teradatauser2 17 Jul 2012

We are using symentec netbackup for backup. Also we are using the symentic vaulting to vault the backed up data to another data center. This data enter also had a TD server, UAT server.

I am able to do the vaulting. Now i need to restore the table to the UAT DB.

Is there any method/steps to do that.

Please share any document/manual for the same.

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Issue with connecting to TD using Oracle Database Gateway for Teradata Topic by amitbajpai 12 Jun 2012

I tried to connect TD from Oracle using the Oracle Database Gateway for Teradata. I followed the steps mentioned in the below link.


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Oracle to Teradata Database Migration Tool Topic by surapurajup 19 Sep 2007

Hi,I am interested in knowing if there exists any tools in Teradata or in market, which can help me in migrating the Oracle DB objects to Teradata.Any info in this regard will be of great help to me.Thanks,

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Teradata on AIX Workload Partitions (WPARS) Topic by rich jf 21 May 2012 wpar

Do you know if Teradata products, such as fastload, datapump, multiload and ODBC drivers have been verified or tested on AIX Workload Partitions or WPARs? These are  copies of AIX running ontop of the base system. For example a versioned WPAR can be an instance of AIX 5.3 running on a AIX 7.1/power 7 server. 





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Business Objects and Teradata AJI Topic by Cinghiale 07 May 2012

Using Business Objects 4.0 and Teradata R 13.0 - does anyone know if third party tools such as BOBJ will take advantage of AJI? The Teradata Aggregate Designer Use Guide mentions Analysis Services, and a vague reference to 'Other' tools.



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SAS Fastload Sleep and Tenacity & SessDalyed Topic by alvie 18 Apr 2012 sleep, tenacity, sas fastload


I could be a bit vague in describing the scenario but I'll give it my best shot.


Are there any recommendations around setting or otherwise of the 'sleep' and 'tenacity' parameters for a FASTLOAD through SAS when we are on a database version that allows utility sessions to be delayed (SESSDELAYED) rather than just rejected when limit is reached?


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Datastage and Teradata Topic by Tdarc1 05 Mar 2012 teradata, datastage

Hi all,

anybody Using Datastage 8.1 version  with Teradata database 13.10  ? please let me know.

Thank you


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