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SAP DS, Teradata utility model, geospatial loading to geolocator entity Topic by Raja_KT 01 Dec 2013

While working on uLDM (project) ,loading data to geolocator table, having geospatial data types; SAP DS has strings source and coming blank in Teradata target table whcih has data type geospatial. Typecasting does not work in the tool.
Does anyone encounter a problem before?
Thanks and regards,

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BO Universe and TD Macros Topic by 20 Nov 2013 BO, business objects, UNIVERSE, macro

Are TD macros supported in BO Universe? 

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Switching Teradata roles within SAS Topic by damien.reed 19 Nov 2013

I have a user connecting to Teradata via SAS 9.2.  The user has been granted multiple Teradata roles (with a default role) but would like the ability to switch roles within SAS.  I read something about using QUERY_BAND to set a proxy role but it didn't seem to apply in this case.

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ETL tools for big data Topic by Raja_KT 17 Nov 2013

May I know the ETL tools that have API connectivity to big data? for example Ab Initio, Informatica, SAP DS etc.
Thanks and regards,

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Scheduling stored procedures/SQL Topic by wderwedu 29 Oct 2013

I have several stored procedures and SQL scripts on Teradata of which some can run in parrallel, others are dependent on each other. What is the best way to launch this is some way automatically on predefined times, with a minimal error detection that dependent SQL or stored procedures are not launched when the previous has failed.

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How can I make the "Teradata Express for VMware Player" 's connect work? Topic by AndyXu 31 Oct 2013 VMware TD Express Network

Oh ,I hope someone came acorss the same problem like me.
I have downloaded the TDE for VMware 40GB( 2.7GB).
Then I open it with VMware8.0.2 and start tpa well.
After that I found the network cann't used.
First I searched on Internet and found modify Win7's regedit.msc can make VMnet8&VMnet1 become "Enable".

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How to configure email sending from Teradata VMWare Linux box? Topic by neerndg123 29 Oct 2013 vmware, send, sendmail, configuration

Hi Experts,

I am using a VMWare download from this site with name -> TDExpress14.0Sles10_4GB on my Windows 7 SP1 64bit desktop PC.

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Teradata on Linux Topic by shineshvv 17 Aug 2009

Hi,I would like to know whether is there any Teradata evaluation/free version available for Linux platforms..?if so please provide me the download link.ThanksShinesh

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INSERTing into same table using Multiple thread from Webmethod Topic by TD_lover 30 Aug 2013

This is regarding WebMethod-Teradat interface. We are required to run an INSERT operation from WebMethod using multiple threads. Now I want to know how this going to impact the teradata database transaction processing. If each thread is trying to  write it's data into the same table, then will there be any lock contention ? 
An early reply will be appreciated.

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Teradata 13.10 and Datastage 8.1 Topic by Tdarc1 27 Feb 2012 datastage, td 13.10

Does Teradata 13.10  support Datastage 8.1 version? currently we are using TD12 and datastage 8.1. 

we are planning  upgrede to TD13.10 and want to know Datastage 8.1 and TD 13.10  are certified versions or not. thanks is advance..

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COGNOS Retry Topic by crewdy 26 Jul 2013 cognos, tasm, retry

Hi All
We have a situation where a COGNOS user is submitting many queries to our live service and TASM is, correctly, placing them in the delay queue, once our concurrency throttle has been reached but the user is then "hogging" the delay queue with upto 50 queries waiting to be serviced. This is clearly unfair to other responsible users.

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Passing NULL values to a TERADATA sp, using Teradata .NET provider 1.0 Topic by abir_seth 13 Feb 2007

Passing NULL values to a TERADATA sp, using Teradata .NET provider Teradata provides Teradata .NET provider driver for connecting to Teradata using .NET 2.0,I was initally using ODBC driver, but for calling SP using CommandType.Text or CommandType.StoredProcedure, both do not return any value, so we switched to Teradata provider provided by NCR corporation . ( Can ODBC driver be used for retrieving the SP return value ??? )But I was a facing a problem related to passing NULL values to the SP.The documentation provide to use DBNull.Value, but this works perfectly well for DATE and TIME type parameters but not for STRING type parameters, where the system gives the exception NULLReferenceException.This SP works pefectly well with NULL values by using NULL values in Teradata SQL Assistant.I have even tried using parameter values as NULL,'NULL',"NULL" but all fail for one or the other parameter types, sometimeg giving Invalid DATE and time and for string types.. not accepting it as a NULL but instead as a blank space. If I need to be more elaborate, please do tell me..I can paste my code as well..Help needed is urgent.Thank

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Diyotta Data Integration Suite for Teradata Topic by Diyotta 11 Jul 2013 elt, etl, DI, data integration, active data warehousing

Hi All,
Diyotta DI Suite is ELT DI platform purpose-built for MPP Data Warehouse platforms, fully leveraging the power of these systems with true in-database processing, with vast performance gains for data integration.
Benefits of using Diyotta DI Suite:
• Fully leverage your Teradata platform for in-database processing

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Configuring SQL Server Reporting Services with Teradata to Allow Use of DDL for Volatile Temp Tables as Embedded SQL in SSRS Topic by dkleppel 13 Feb 2012

Does anyone have any experience getting SSRS to work with Teradata such that something like the following code

can be embbeded within SSRS and execute without error?






SELECT TOPE 50 memberid

FROM member;



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Antivirus exclusions Topic by gh3350 21 Jun 2013 antivirus, exclusion list

We are beginning to setup running antivirus software on Teradata servers and wish to reference an exclusion file for antivirus configuration.  Has anyone developed exclusions for specific directories or file types for Teradata 13.10 running on SUSE LINUX?  Our expectation was that we should be able to document these for policy compliance.  What are the experiences of other Tera

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Can anyone recommend software products to export/import data Topic by gpolanch 11 Jun 2013 export, import, archive

Hello Folks,

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Issue in calling SP through DataStage TD connector stage Topic by Vga 09 May 2013 sp

Experts, I am not sure, if I am putting this problem in the right forum. But just want to have some inputs from you:-
I have created a Stored Proedure (takes a table name as an input parameter), which I am using in DataStage tool Version 8.1.

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Informatica supports teradata TIME STAMP WITH TIME ZONE or not?? Topic by Nishant.Bhardwaj 21 Apr 2013

Hi Experts,
I am getting an error during Informatica load into teradata column (TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE) ..
Input data in the Informatica is like '2011-09-09 12:12:12 2.333333 EUROPE/LONDON'
when loading this though teradata SQL assistant , this is working with out any issues..
however when using same syntax in Informatica mapping in target Override as

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Compatibility: TD12 - Datastage 8.7 Topic by knowledge 14 Mar 2013

Hi to all,
i need to know if the version 8.7 of IBM Datastage is declared compatible with Teradata V12, from side Teradata.
Where i can find a document that say me this?

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AB Initio / Teradata Compatibility Topic by crewdy 09 Apr 2013

Hi All
I am conducting the latest upgrade to our Teradata enviroments and struggling to find details of Ab Initio / Teradata Compatibilty. I have checked the latest Interoperability Matrix on T@YS but the combination I am interested in is not listed but I suspect that it has been omitted inadvertantly instead of on purpose. Could someone please confirm.

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DataStage Enterprise Stage Executing Teradata Macros Topic by chuck.ehrstine@lexisnexis 08 Jul 2006

We are beginning to work with DataStage and wish to switch a lot of processing from executing on the Mainframe to DataStage. We employ a lot of parameterized Macros in our ETL environment, and some are very complex with many SQL statements and layers of Macros imbedded in them. Our expectation was that we should be able to execute macros exactly as they were developed and run in production, on the mainframe. We are experiencing abends with Macros containing more than one SQL statement. It appears the Ascential Teradata Enterprize stage is able to execute something simple like a stored procedure but is not robust. It appears to us the solutions are to leave Macro execution on the mainframe or rewrite all the macro processes for Ascential. What are the experiences of other Teradata shops? Is there some secret to getting Macros to work?

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Is update possible in DBC.USERS? Topic by flair123 24 Oct 2007

Hi all,I got this query with error.[color=11][size=5]QUERY:UPDATE DBC.USERS SET UserName='John' WHERE UserName='Jones' and CreatorName='td2idm'ERROR:com.ncr.teradata.jdbc_4.util.JDBCException: [NCR] [Teradata DBMS] : VIEW 'USERS' may not be used for Help Index/Constraint/Statistics, Update, Delete or Insert.[/size][/color]Is this error due to Access privilege restriction or Update not possible

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Question on TARALaunch Utility of Tivoli Topic by atalukder 21 Feb 2013

We need to run backup job in batch mode by using TARALaunch utility of Tivoli. 
I have checked in the manual that TARALaunch Syntax from command line is like below:  On this syntax I have some questions:
taralaunch -u administrator -p fqn6t -j MyBackupJob

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Number Data type - Teradata 14 with Microstrategy 9.2.1 / 9.3 Topic by Leandro_M90 01 Feb 2013 teradata 14, microstrategy, number, mstr, data type

Hello everyone,
We are having a problem when using NUMBER data type in the Data Warehouse that is being used by Microstrategy.
When in the warehouse we use NUMBER data type, in Microstrategy Desktop Warehouse Catalog, the columns using this data type show "Unknown" in the Data Type Description.

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