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MKK 2 posts Joined 05/09
08 May 2009
Will Teradatawork on Vista OS..

Hi All,Can any one tel me whether Teradata will work on Vista supported OS..?

Jim Chapman 449 posts Joined 09/04
17 Jun 2009

Teradata Express Edition 12.0 is supported on Vista. It runs in 32-bit mode. The production licensed versions run on Windows 2003 Server and Linux 64-bit platforms.

terahelp 2 posts Joined 07/09
12 Jul 2009

Yes, it will work on 32-bit Windows Vista. And do not worry if you have 64-bit Windows (the installer won't even run...), just set up a virtual machine with 32-bit Windows as a guest system as described here: install the Express Edition there.

samp6050 19 posts Joined 06/08
01 Oct 2009

yes it will.


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