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tommyclass 2 posts Joined 11/11
22 Nov 2011
Where in the Windows registry can I find the teradata client V13.10 (32-bit) install information?

My application uses DataDirect Teradata odbc driver, one of the dependecy is that the Teradata client must be installed for the datadirect odbc driver (32-bit) to work. I'm using the 32-bit driver, where in the registry can I check on a client 64-bit machine (windows-xp, windows7) to verify the teradata client software have been installed?

I know on a 32-bit Windows-xp, it's at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Teradata\Client\...

but on a 64-bit windows 7, I can't seem to find the registry key.




tommyclass 2 posts Joined 11/11
01 Dec 2011

Since I didn't get a response (where are the teradata developers?), I proceeded to use the windows LoadLibrary() call to load wincli32.dll. If the LoadLibrary() call is successful, the client utility is installed and wincli32.dll is found using the PATH env var. I implied that the TTU has been installed on the machine.

BTW, wincli32.dll can be a common name and doesn't tied specifically to a teradata product. Is that intentional?


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