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Shravan_Arora 1 post Joined 11/15
18 Nov 2015
Teradata TTU 15 compatibility with Informatica

Currently we are using Teradata TTU 14 and Informatica 9.1 and 9.5.1. As per my understanding Teradata has declared end of support for Teradata 14 in 2016, so we need to know
1. if Teradata TTU 15 will be compatible with 9.1 and 9.5.1 versions of Informatica.
2. If not then do I need to upgrade Informatica to 9.6 .
3. Is there a way I can delay Informatica upgrade but with some changes can continue using Informatica 9.1 & 9.5.1. What are those changes.
4. When is the most likely end of life for Teradata 14.

ACaspers 1 post Joined 06/16
01 Jun 2016

Hello Shravan, I have the same question. Did you find an answer to your questions?

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