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zlats 1 post Joined 09/09
07 Feb 2012
Teradata 13.10 and Informatica 8.6.1

I know INFA 8.6.1 has not been certified wiith 13.10, but does it work? Any customers out there using it? Will we provide standard support and/or will Informatica support as well?

Vikr 4 posts Joined 02/12
18 Feb 2012

I am not sure about PC 8.6.1 and TD 13.10. But we have been using PC 8.6.1 with TD 13.01 for more than a year now.

Thripurari 1 post Joined 03/12
13 Mar 2012

Hi ,

We have recently Upgraded to TD13(TD TD upgrade our Informatica Mload scripts are getting failed with the laoder error ,even it is not creatig loader log in Tgtfiles.

Below are my current Teradata and informatia version details.

Informatica(r) PMCMD, version [8.6.1 HotFix13], build [510.1022], SOLARIS 64-bit
Copyright (c) Informatica Corporation 1994 - 2010



Would like to know weather these 2 versions are compatible or not?if not please suggest me the compatible version details.

Thanks in advance..



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