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akhshay 16 posts Joined 07/08
20 Aug 2008
system hang after connecting to Teradata with Visual Studio 2008 via ODBC

helloI connected the visual studio to the Teradata EDW via ODBC connection simply by using Add Connection option it asked for edw name, username and password. After get connected when i try to view the tables by expanding in server explorer the system gets hang.after connection i also try to use Grid View on a test web page, it provide all information about connection string, data source and when i click on save this connection string as any xyz or even when that option is unchecked, the system again hangs and need to restart visual i am not able to actually view or use table in EDW with Visual Studio 2008.RegardsAkhshay Gandhi

akhshay 16 posts Joined 07/08
23 Aug 2008

hii everyone,The issue is solved, i was using vs2008 i uninstalled it and installed vs2005 as .net teradata data provider for VS2008 is not available and thus was getting problem with actually loading the teradata database.hope next time some one find any problem will be able to reach the answer.and yes 1 more mistake i was making is i installed odbc driver for teradata and then trying to install .net data provider for teradata which will create a problem because of existence of terasso.dll and for solving the matter there was a link provided in documentation but no documentation is available now.thank you guysregardsAkhshay gandhi

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