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frarap 1 post Joined 02/06
22 Feb 2006

Where can I download the SSH package for NCR MP-RAS? Or if opensource, which SSH? I am running MP-RAS 3.02 on a Dell S2600.Thanks in advance.Frank

pietroNardella 5 posts Joined 05/06
03 May 2006

Tryhttp://www.openssh.comgood luck!

Fred 1096 posts Joined 08/04
03 May 2006

Since you're running MP-RAS 3.02, get Open Source Tool Set packages (openssl, openssh, prngd at a minimum) from the patch server or MySupportLink. Your Teradata service contact should be able to help.You might also see if upgrading to MP-RAS 3.03 is an option.

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